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Creatively Capturing Moments

What Texoma Drones can do for you...

Texoma Drones, LLC is an aerial imaging company that utilizes drones for service in the Texoma area. 

  • Construction Sites (progression/ frequency photos and/or video)

  • Construction/ Build Sites (Photogrammetry/ Orthomosaic 2D photos with property depth photo)

  • Assist Realtors with photos/video (MLS ready)

  • Roof and Buildings Inspection photo/video data

  • Home Builders (before and after) 

  • Assist in Marketing Your Business with Aerial Photos/Videography

  • Family Reunions/Gatherings and Events

  • Weddings


Most projects will be completed and delivered to the client within two days.


Due to the sizes of some jobs and their complexities, pricing may vary.  Please inquire so we can discuss what you are interested in. I'm confident Texoma Drones, LLC will assist you in completing your request.  I'll make it easy to schedule your drone experience.

Texoma Drones, LLC is certified through the FAA (part 107), insured, and our drones or sUAS (small unmanned aircraft systems) are registered through the FAA.

Part 107 Certified Pilot: All guidelines are met for commercial operation and will ensure safety and legal requirements for UAV operations.

LAANC Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability.  ALL commercial (Part 107) and recreational drone operators require FAA LAANC authorization before an operation can take place in controlled airspace.  Texoma Drones, LLC has the capability to receive the approval from the FAA.

Please be aware of the legality before using a drone operator for your project.  A lot of people can fly drones recreationally, but only licensed drone operators have permission and authorization to fly commercially!

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A few services...




Data for Roof Inspections

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